The Game of Hockey


Team Work

The beauty of hockey lies in its teamwork as the game is pretty fast and requires good understanding among the team members. So the game obviously teaches you to respect one another and maintain discipline throughout. Whether it is a field hockey or ice hockey, the team bonding is always good in this game. 

It teaches you to protect your teammates and how to work in a group to achieve your goal. So a hockey player is most likely to apply those principles in real-world scenarios that can help you to tackle any problem.


Strengthens Your Muscles

Hockey is a great workout for all your body parts as both your upper and lower body parts are active during the game. This is very effective in strengthening muscles in your legs, triceps, calves, and hip. 

Considering the fact that it takes a great effort to steadily hold the stick throughout the game, your arms get stronger and improves your grip too. And since the game involves playing against another team, it serves as a great inspiration to win a match. So where there is winning involved, you will be motivated to work hard and that is something which becomes a part of you even outside the game.


Improving Hand-Eye Coordination

Since you are using a stick to play hockey, it is not just the field you need to look at but your hands as well. The game helps you improve hand-eye coordination as you need to tackle a fast-moving puck in your sight. 

This is something which you can really improve while training and that helps your concentration power. So not only your hands and feet work faster but your brain will learn to respond in split-second too.

Become a Fighter

Hockey involves a lot of physical fights as part of the game regulations and it is the only game where it is allowed. So opponents pick up chances to fight with you and those scenarios teach you how to fight back. It also gives you an opportunity to display your courage and ability to protect your team members. So a sense of solidarity is something you will get to experience first hand during this game.

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